Acupuncture and Decompression: How Do They Work Together?

Acupuncture and Decompression: How Do They Work Together?

Acupuncture is a homeopathic method of treatment that can work alone or as a complementary treatment. Doctors found it very beneficial to prescribe acupuncture as one of the therapies included in their customized spinal decompression programs. Other treatment programs include modalities of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and lighter forms of therapeutic exercise before and after the decompression session. Using acupuncture pre and post decompression treatment loosens up muscle guarding before the session begins and then after the session, a modality is performed to reduce any type of inflammation and relax the muscles again since there is significant blood flow centered on the treated area for that length of time.

How Acupuncture and Decompression Work Together:

The Benefit of Acupuncture Treatment

The intended purpose of acupuncture is to restore balance and remove blockages of the flow of “Qi” or energy throughout the body. This positive flow of energy allows the body to naturally heal and function as expected. It also aids with reducing inflammation and pain symptoms which is one of the goals of the decompression therapy. In the first few sessions of spinal decompression therapy, patients’ bodies tend to experience more aggravation in the problem areas which overall may make them feel worse before getting better as the body gets used to the therapy. Like the other modalities, acupuncture as a pre or post treatment can help to reduce the impact of these relative symptoms and builds the patient’s endurance throughout the 24+ session program.

Combining Acupuncture and Decompression Treatments

Many homeopathic treatments work best when done in combination with other alternative therapies as a treatment plan. A typical treatment plan will include at least a 30 minute session of back office or physical therapy modalities. Another plan includes acupuncture with each decompression session, sometimes alternating between the two for at least the first 24 sessions. Once a decompression program is completed, acupuncture and related treatments can be used for preventative maintenance. Though it may sound to some like this is a lot of treatment to be done, the key is to remember that the pain or condition did not onset overnight so it will not diminish overnight. Additionally, these forms of therapy are homeopathic in that, they allow the body to move through a natural healing process which also takes time. The advantage of choosing acupuncture and decompression is that all of these therapies are non-invasive and most importantly, steer away from surgery.

Acupuncture and decompression treatment work hand in hand. Acupuncture works to calm muscles and restore balance. Where as decompression treatment works to realign the spine. By combing acupuncture and decompression you can heal quicker and relieve your pain faster.

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