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The back is a complex structure of bones, ligaments, joints and muscles. Ligaments can be sprained, muscles can be strained, disks may rupture and joints may inflame, all of these conditions will cause pain in the back and neck. Sports injuries and accidents are common causes of back and neck pain, but arthritis, poor posture, obesity and stress also significantly contribute to pain.

Epidural means “around the spinal cord.”, epidural injections are performed in our clinics. Our team of anesthesiologists, physiatrists, or interventional radiologists preforming this procedure.Before receiving an epidural injection, you will probably undergo an imaging test. This may involve a CT scan or an MRI of the back. The test allows the doctor to identify possible causes of back pain.

We are committed to provide the best orthopedic treatments, solutions and technologies that’s why, we are partnering with global leaders in medical technology, services, and solutions. We’re collaborating with our partners to take on the industry’s greatest challenges and deliver high quality, cost-effective comprehensive orthopedic solutions.

Not everyone can afford a doctor and not everyone had medical insurance. Fortunately, in California personal injury cases, it does not matter whether you have medical insurance or can afford a doctor. Injured victims in California usually have the option of being treated on a lien basis.

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